SOUNDING - "Trepanation" (DTR001), available now on Bandcamp and in select Bay Area record stores:

People have said:

"Every instrument here is bristling with distortion and played at maximum velocity. SOUNDING reduce the human voice to radio static, while their riffs slip and slide in and out of tonality with reckless abandon. Normally for a band this unhinged, there’s at least one element holding the chaos together, anchoring you while the rest of the band takes turns kicking your legs out from under there is no musical good cop: every sound is coming to get you."

"Trepanation feels like a story being told through a machine that turns fairy tales into Japanese ultra-violence cinema; structuring allows this material to bleed from track to track completely naturally. The only respite a resounding hiss in the ears when it finishes, right before hitting play again."

"There are math riffs aplenty, bleeding throat screams, lock-step grooves, and a twisted meltdown to close it off. Much like the drill to your skull of a trepanation or the smooth metal object to penetrate your dick hole in sounding, Sounding’s Trepanation will get in you and be a real challenge to get out."

"The forthcoming 15-minute barrage of grinding mayhem is enough to cause mass brain hemorrhaging the world over...discombobulating, earsplitting riffs and dissonant beatdowns that show absolutely no mercy." 

"Trepanation is bursting at the seams with raucous destruction. It's pure anarchy distilled down to just 15 minutes: lightning in a bottle, Pandora's box. With this album, Sounding have unleashed a sound more violent and dissonant than a thousand rusty cybermen armed with barbed-wire baseball bats and switchblades."

“On Trepanation, Sounding offer up ten tracks of vicious and brutal as fuck sounding hardcore, punk, grindcore, and noisecore. Overall, Trepanation makes for an amazing listen. Highly recommended!”

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